Joint well-being: 5 little-known natural secrets


This article offers an exploration of the exceptional virtues of five natural ingredients used in Arthri-Plus products. We discover the benefits of camphor, essential oils of eucalyptus, clove, menthol, as well as peppermint. Their often overlooked healing properties are used throughout our range to soothe and relieve your joint pain.

Adapted natural ingredients: fight arthritic pain

By precisely harmonizing the proportions of each of its oils, Arthri-Plus offers exceptional remedies to relieve your muscle and joint pain, and beyond. Whether you opt for the analgesic stick, the strong cream, or the spray within the Arthri-Plus range, these five natural ingredients remain essential components, meticulously adjusted in distinct percentages, depending on the product.

Camphor: a soothing ally

A true source of calm, camphor has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It provides immediate relief by stimulating blood circulation. This natural ingredient is therefore particularly effective against muscle and joint tension.

Eucalyptus essential oil

The natural freshness of eucalyptus, harmonized with the anti-inflammatory characteristics of camphor, is a remarkable remedy offering multiple benefits to tense joints and muscles. An excellent decongestant, this essential oil promotes relaxation and helps clear the respiratory tract. Indeed, eucalyptus is an active ingredient generating an invigorating feeling of relief. 

Clove as a natural antioxidant

Clove essential oils provide a robust dose of antioxidants. These compounds fight free radicals, helping to reduce body inflammation. In addition to its benefits and antioxidant properties, clove also naturally relieves joint pain.

The invigorating freshness of menthol

Menthol is known to temporarily numb pain and the perception of it. This natural ingredient always offers a feeling of invigorating freshness; each application of an Arthri-Plus product therefore offers you a refreshing experience. The joints are automatically soothed and pain is reduced.

Peppermint: calm and serenity guaranteed

Peppermint is not only pleasant and delicious to the palate; it is just as powerful and restorative for stuck joints. Its analgesic properties also relax sore muscles, promoting increased mobility.

Variety and effectiveness: the natural options of Arthri-Plus

For intense or chronic pain, the “strong cream” is twice as concentrated in active ingredients as our other products.

Then, the analgesic stick is the remedy par excellence for deep pain, being our product most concentrated in menthol and peppermint. This is also composed of 30% methyl salicylate, which makes it perfect for soothing your pain when you are moving.

Finally, the spray is our product with the lowest concentration of active ingredients. This is normal, since it is in liquid form and it acts in a few moments. So it doesn’t need as much intensity.


In conclusion, exploring the beneficial properties of five natural ingredients at the heart of Arthri-Plus reveals our meticulous approach to joint pain relief. Whether through the analgesic stick, the strong cream, or the spray, the precise synergy of these essential oils offers a response adapted to each need. With Arthri-Plus, nature becomes the accomplice of your relief, offering a natural and personalized alternative to soothe the ailments that hinder your daily life. If you would like to learn more about essential oils, we suggest you explore the Health Passport by following this link.